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"Im so happy I found Razi, he’s extremely diligent, patient and brilliant. He helped me with my essay and taught me how to write in a way that captures the reader’s interest. I highly recommend him. If you find yourself stuck writing an essay, look no further, Razi is the one."

-Alessandra, Columbia University

"I hired Razi to help my son with his college essay. My son has a tough time with writing, and the first tutor that we hired for him gave up, telling us that he is unable to pull anything out of our son, and basically fired us a client. So then I gave Razi a shot, and he really came through. He is incredibly empathetic and patient, and combined with a very sharp mind, has been able to get my son to put pen to paper. He is in the final stages of polishing his essay, and I am really impressed with how good it is. I'm going to ask Razi about what other subjects he tutors, because he has a gift for it."

- Andy

"Razi is brilliant at what he does. He was well prepared and knew exactly how to best conduct the tutoring session. He was very fast to point out what needs to be done and how to make a compelling personal statement. I can't wait for our next session to discuss my first draft."


"Razi helped me tremendously as I needed assistance with writing my personal statement and supplemental essay for OT school. He provided me with in-depth insight on how to structure my essays and have them stand out against others. He was kind and patient with me throughout our sessions. What I loved most was that he really took the time out to dissect each sentence and reword them in order to help them transition smoother into main ideas throughout my essays. He also took the time out to understand my background in the healthcare field so that my profession could be intertwined within my essays and connected with OT. He is the absolute best! If you are in need of an editor who provides efficient work, reach out to Razi - he will make sure your essays are in great shape to be submitted to your top schools. I am beyond grateful for his assistance!"

- Jamica

"Razi is amazing!! He is patient, honest, and gives wonderful advice. He takes time to prepare his students to begin writing their essay and is open to questions. You can tell he has experience."


"Razi is beyond exceptional. He completed essay requirements for 5 different schools, while ensuring the quality of each essay. From the beginning, Razi was capable of efficiently allocating time to get to know his students and immediately jumping into construction of the essays. If I have the chance I would 100% work with Razi again."


"First off, I must preface this review by saying I had tried everything when it came to my secondary applications. I was tired from writing the numerous essays that medical schools require in the short time allotted. I knew I wanted to not be repetitive in my statements, have good flow, and showcase my strengths while honestly discussing my weaknesses. I tried tutor after tutor, most pointed out the grammatical errors and were decent but did not ask me the tough questions and give me the dense feedback that Razi did. He is truly unlike the others. I reached out to him, slightly worried that I did not have the best essays to submit before the deadline, and oh boy he did not disappoint. Razi immediately hopped on the phone and walked me through each of my essays. Sentences that I was previously proud of, he corrected and made them even better. Phrases that were cliché, he helped me rewrite to fit my story. He critiqued and combed through my essays unlike no other. He did all of this while remaining calm, patient, and understanding, seriously where did this guy come from?! If I could go back to the moment the AMCAS applications just opened, I would most definitely set up as many session as I could with Razi. Your money and time will be well spent, trust me. This is an investment and Razi is the guy to do it. Without any hesitation I can say he is hands down one of the best I've worked with. Thanks a bunch Razi, I feel like this review does not even come close to how grateful I am for your guidance."



Razi helped my daughter polish her supplementary essays. His feedback was very useful and guided her in the right direction. He asked a lot of thought-provoking questions and helped her assess her writing.

- Justin

"Applying to multiple colleges through several applications, I had a plethora of short answers and supplemental essays to write. Razi patiently helped me brainstorm and also used his experience to guide me in the writing process. Would definitely recommend if you want to break the limits of your writing capabilities!"

- Saket, UT Austin Business

"Razi helped me alot on my college essays! He was straight to the point and we got everything done in time! He points out specific things to fix on your essay, overall making the essay stronger within the prompt and limits. He's flexible and a nice person."

- Anushka

"Razi is super creative and very intelligent. He shared a powerful poem to help me overcome my writer's block. Razi readily provides new ideas and insightful comments on essay drafts. He is also just an enjoyable person to work with! :) I look forward to continuing sessions with Razi!"

- Brittney

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