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Crafting the Perfect Personal Statement for Colleges and Universities

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Im so happy I found Razi, he’s extremely diligent, patient and brilliant. He helped me with my essay and taught me how to write in a way that captures the reader’s interest. I highly recommend him. If you find yourself stuck writing an essay, look no further, Razi is the one.

-Alessandra, Columbia University

My Story

Empowering Students to Creative, Personal, and Compelling College Essays

Hey, it's Razi. I graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a B.A in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Ever since giving my first chess lesson when I was 11 years old, I have continued tutoring in almost every imaginable capacity, from ACT, to college essays, from middle school English to high school math, from the suburbs to the inner-city, from lifelong Americans to recent refugees.

My Story
Student Writing

Of all the types of tutoring I enjoy, I particularly love helping High Schoolers with their college applications. The entire process can often seem quite daunting, and especially, the essay, where one is required to condense the most important part of him or herself into a few hundred words. When I was published in the most recent edition of "50 Successful Harvard Application Essays" I realized how influential my essay must have been on my admission and hope to share what helped me create a powerful essay with anyone I can teach. My students have been accepted to dozens of schools and many scholarships, including: Harvard, Yale, Cal Tech, Stanford, Cornell, Brown, Columbia, Penn, Dean’s Scholarship at Northeastern, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, Wellesley, the UC’s, UVA, the UT’s, UNC, and more.

Daniel, Stanford University

Razi was super insightful throughout my college essay writing process. The meetings I had with him were always productive, and I walked away feeling confident in my next steps. He gave me honest, consistent feedback on my work. This led me to construct a final personal statement that I was proud of and that helped me gain admission to Stanford. Sincerely, Razi is an essay genius. I couldn't recommend him more to students who are seeking the highest quality essay tutor!​

Nono, Brown University

When I first met Razi, he gave me the opportunity to tell him what I wanted my essay to be about. I was able to explain to him my passion for writing and how I wanted to use that for my main Common App essay. He walked me through the basics of essay-writing, explaining what was allowed and what wasn’t, reminding me of the key rule: show, don’t tell. He helped me plan the structure of the essay, and writing it was a breeze from then on. He helped me edit parts down and gave me ideas when I went blank. When we moved onto the supplements, we went through the same process. I was able to bounce topics off of him, and he would help me in the editing process. I was accepted to Brown University under Early Decision, and I don’t think this would have been possible without Razi’s guidance. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for help with their university applications.​

Maya, UVA

When I first started my college applications I was incredibly intimidated and didn’t know where to start. Even as the first session ended, I felt significantly more comfortable and motivated. Razi helped me from start to finish, from brainstorming to outlining, rewording to restructuring, to the final touches on the essay. With his assistance I was unbelievably happy with how both my common app and supplementary essays turned out. His feedback was very detailed, and he constantly challenged me, helping me weave stories and bring out qualities in my essays that I didn’t even know I had. Based on my stats and general competition I truly believe my essays are what pushed me over to be accepted by UVA. I can’t thank Razi enough for all the support and assistance that got me into my dream school!
Publications and More


As a Freshman at Harvard University, I was published in the much coveted 50 Successful Harvard Applications Book. Feel free to check it out on Amazon, or email me for a free copy of my common app essay along with my supplementals.

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1000+ Hours Tutoring on America's Top Platform

For over five years, I've tutored for 1000+ hours on Wyzant. On my profile there, you can see my 5 Star Rating and all the testimonials from the students I've had over the years. 

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...And Much More

Besides being published and the 1000+ hours tutoring on Wyzant, I've ran college essay workshops in the inner city, for foreign exchange students, and even developed my own curriculum for self-led webinars for International students. I've expanded well past college essays and have helped people with business school, med school, UT school, scholarships, and much more. 

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